Ufone FREE TV App – How to Activate ?


Ufone brings Ufone Free TV App with which users can now watch their favourite live Channels, Dramas, Favourite Programs on Demand. The basic advantage of this app is, that you will never miss your favourite shows as you can watch your favourite programs anytime anywhere.

Table Of Contents Ufone FREE TV APP:

  1. UMobile TV App Features
  2. How to Activate UMobile TV App
  3. How to Subscribe to UMobile App & Packages
  4. How to Unsubscribe

1. Ufone TV App Features:

                1. With Ufone Media Station, you can now watch all your favourite programs with just a few taps.
                2.  Watch Live TV and News anytime anywhere at home or on the go
                3. Get latest news and headlines to stay updated from all around the world
                4. Enjoy Picture In Picture mode, browse anything while watching your favourite program (Supportd devices only)
                5. Watch Live TV Shows, Videos and VOD or even listen to Live Radio Shows as per your convenience
                6. Watch Latest Movies with excellent sound as well as picture quality
                7. Enjoy the user-friendly app interface, easy to use and convenient
                8. Activate your Ufone TV App Packages within the App


2. How to Activate Ufone Mobile TV App:

Ufone Mobile TV is available on following Platforms:

  1. Android
  2. Symbian
  3. Java
  4. BlackBerry

3. How to Subscribe My Ufone App Packages:

You can download the app by searching Ufone Mobile TV App in the Play Store / App store or you can also follow the steps given below to install the app manually on your device:

  1. SMS SUB to 3344 to receive the download link.
  2. Click on the link to install Ufone Mobile TV App (1st time users will get a 15 day free trial) on downloading the app manually.
  3. Customers can select 2 packages on subscription, package subscription will be renewed automatically every month please find details below:
12 Channels Package Rs. 100+tax per month
Single Channel Subscription Choose any channel at Rs. 20+tax per month

4. How To Unsubscribe:

To deactivate Ufone Mobile TV App Package please Send in SMS UNSUB to 8009

Terms & Conditions:

  • Old mobiles that have streaming players which lack H.264 codec support will not be able to use this service.
  • EDGE supported devices with a Streaming Media Player (supports H.264 codec + RSTP link) is required for Mobile TV on Java based cell phones.
  • All Nokia phones have a Built-in Real player application that plays Streaming links. Users will need to set their EDGE/ GPRS settings of streaming player to minimum of 40Kbps when prompted in order to use Mobile TV Service by clicking on any TV channel icon.
  • 3344 short code can be availed to receive installation link by all supported devices (blackberry, Android and Java devices)
  • Java based cells phones might require memory card to download the application.
  • Although most Java based devices are supported, however, some low end mobile devices might not be able to run the app.
  • Local Chinese branded mobile devices with Java support might not be able to support the app.
  • Standard GPRS data charges will apply on Mobile TV.
  • Ufone WAP APN for browser and media player might be required in some phones to download and use Mobile TV, in case customers are not able to download from Ufone Internet.
  • Charging is on auto renewal after 30 days on MT basis
  • Reinstalling the app will not entitle customers for a new trial.
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