Latest Ufone Daily Internet Packages with Activation Codes and Prices


With Ufone Daily Internet Packages 2019, customers can always stay connected with their loved-ones at affordable charges. These Ufone Daily Internet Packages range between Rs. 5 to Rs. 15 and are really popular amongst the users such as Ufone Special Daily Offer, Daily Light Package, Mega Internet Offer and Daily Heavy Package.
Please find complete Ufone daily Packages details for internet usage below:

Table Of Contents:

  1. Ufone Special Daily Package
  2. Ufone Daily Light Offer
  3. Ufone Mega Internet Offer
  4. Ufone Daily Heavy Offer

1. Ufone Special Daily Bucket:

With Ufone Special Daily Package, customers can enjoy 500MB for Line, WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook along with 50MB extra. Here are the details:

  1. 500MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Line Messenger & Twitter
  2. 50MB Extra
  3. Offer Price is Rs. 5 (Including tax)
  4. To Subscribe the Offer dial *3461#
  5. Offer Validity or it can be used Daily between 1AM to 9PM
  6. To check Ufone Special Daily Offer remaining MBs please dial *707#

2. Ufone Daily Light Package:

Ufone Daily Light Offer enable users to enjoy 500MB Internet for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter & Line Messenger along with 40MB extra internet. Please find details below:

  1. 500MB Internet for Facebook, Line, Twitter & WhatsApp
  2. 40MB extra Internet
  3. Offer Validity is 1 Day
  4. Offer Price is Rs. 10 (Including tax)
  5. To Activate the Offer dial *2256#
  6. Check Ufone Daily Light Bucket remaining internet MBs by dialing *707#

3. Ufone Mega Internet Offer:

Ufone Mega Internet Offer provides 2GB Internet which can be used between 1AM to 8AM in just Rs. 12 (Including all taxes). Here are complete offer details:

  1. 2GB Internet can be used between 1AM to 8AM
  2. Offer Price is Rs. 12 (Including all taxes)
  3. Offer Subscription Code is *550#
  4. Offer Validity is 1 Day between 1AM to 8AM
  5. To check Ufone Mega Internet Bundle remaining resources please dial *707#

Ufone Daily Heavy Bucket:

Ufone Daily Heavy Bucket Offers 500MB along with 75MB extra Internet in Rs. 15 (Including all taxes). Please find complete offer details below:

  1. 500MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, Line Messenger & Twitter
  2. 75MB Extra Internet
  3. Offer Validity is 1 Day
  4. Dial *2258# to activate Ufone Daily Heavy Package anytime
  5. Ufone Daily Heavy Bundle remaining internet MBs can be checked by dialing *707#

Additional Information:

  • All the above mentioned packages can be subscribed through Ufone Website here or customers can also download My Ufone App here

Terms & Conditions:

  • After the usage of bucket volume, charging will be done according to the default tariff for example Rs.2.50 per MB at a charging pulse of 512Kb. On usage of 50MB user will get 150MB free till midnight and so on.
  • Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hrs. each day
  • All Whatsapp calls will be charged from data bundle resources.
  • All buckets are valid for prepaid subscribers only.
  • Bucket subscribers will get maximum available speed. Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors such as location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers etc.
  • All of the aforementioned prices are inclusive of taxes.
  • All sessions reserve some volume of data to enhance customer experience.
  • Once data bucket expires, multiple sessions will be charged separately on standard mobile package rate.
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